Following that, Advanced Micro Devices AMD +2.28% (AMD) came onstage to make two major announcements, they announced a $683 Cyberpower PC available on AMZN +0.35% and a partnership with Awesome Rocketship to build VR experiences in movie theaters as supplementary experiences to the actual films.

This last announcement in my opinion was probably one of the biggest announcements at the show, because it signified that next step of VR where Hollywood starts to get seriously involved. Sure, the likes of Stephen Spielberg, Robert Stromberg and other A-list Hollywood directors are starting to get onboard with VR, but there needs to be a revenue opportunity right now until the industry starts to adopt VR as a medium for blockbuster movies. Studios can use these supplementary VR experiences to generate additional revenue for themselves and the movie theaters while also strengthening the branding, narrative and emotional connection that viewers have with the film.